New bins and parts

How to order a new or replacement bin, or a part for a bin if yours is broken.

Different bins for different things

You should have four coloured bins and a white bag to help you separate and recycle your rubbish:

  • green bin for garden waste
  • blue bin for cardboard
  • brown bin for cans, plastic bottles and glass bottles/jars
  • grey bin for general waste
  • white bag for paper (currently we have no white recycling sacks in stock, so please place any paper you need collecting in a carrier or plastic bag and we'll collect it as usual)

Getting a new or replacement bin, or parts for your bin

You can apply for a new bin, a white sack or bin parts if:

  • you move into a property and you don’t have all the bins you need
  • your bin goes missing
  • your bin gets damaged and needs new parts or a replacement

If you want us to deliver your new bin, and you're under the age of 65, there will be a charge of £15.  We'll try to drop one off within 10 working days of receiving your request.  Until you get your new bin, you can leave up to three securely tied sacks of rubbish for us to collect on your usual collection day.

If you prefer to pick your new bin up, it won’t cost you anything. Just call into the Smithies Lane depot on any weekday between 9am and 3pm.  You can also ask a friend or relative to collect one for you.  We need proof of your address, so take one of the following with you:

  • current council tax bill
  • utility bill (dated in last three months)
  • recent bank statement
  • driving license
  • rent book
  • recent credit agreement

If you’re 65 and over or have already joined our help to put your bin out scheme, it won’t cost you anything and we'll try to deliver your bin(s) within four to six weeks. There are times when it may take us longer to deliver your order and we'll let you know if there is likely to be a delay.

Before we can replace green or grey bins we need you to give us your damaged bin. If you're getting your new bin from the depot you can take it with you, or if you're getting it delivered our crew can pick it up. 

There’s no charge for replacement parts and we’ll fit them on delivery. 

For more information, call 01226 772045 or email

Getting an extra grey bin

If you’re already making full use of all our recycling bins and you still have too much household rubbish to fit into your grey bin, you can apply for an extra grey bin, providing there are five or more people living permanently in your home.

You’ll need to provide proof that everyone in your home lives there permanently (unless they’re named on the council tax account). 

You can provide any one of the following for each person:

  • adults - a bank/credit card statement or utility bill, both dated in the last three months
  • children - a copy of the annual child benefit award letter or a copy of a bank statement showing the amount of child benefit paid and the address to which it’s paid
  • students - a bank statement dated in the last three months or a letter from higher education establishment confirming attendance and home address

If you apply online, you can scan any supporting evidence and upload it as part of your application. 

Alternatively, you can submit the online form, then post your documents to Waste Management Services, Smithies Lane Depot, Barnsley S71 1NL.

All the documents must clearly show your address and quote the reference number given to you when you completed the application. 

If you apply by phone, we’ll give your your reference number and tell you where to send your evidence.

If you have problems providing any of the above, please contact us.

Once we receive your documents, we’ll visit your property within four weeks. If you're using your existing bins correctly, we’ll leave you an extra grey bin.

The extra bin remains our property and we can remove it without notice and without refunding your delivery payment if we find:

  • you're not recycling
  • you're using the extra bin in the wrong way
  • you gave false information when requesting the extra bin
  • your circumstances change and you no longer have five or more people permanently living in your home

Change in circumstances

If your circumstances change, you may no longer qualify so please fill in this form to cancel your extra bin. We’ll contact you to make arrangements to pick your bin up.

If you change your address you must take your extra bin with you.