Barnsley Early Start and Family Services

Business plans

A business plan provides an outline of your business, the market, and how it will be successful. It will help you get funding from investors, a bank or building society and keep you on track to make sure that you do become a sustainable business. A business plan should include the following areas:

  • About you. Information about you and the business, including the organisation status.
  • SWOT analysis. To show you know your strengths and what you may need to improve.
  • Market. What the childcare market is like, and your competitors.
  • Market research. Your research showing the need for your business and the demand you intend to meet.
  • Consultation. Who you have spoken to and how you did this.
  • Project proposal. What you are proposing to offer. Materials, resources (including staffing) as well as your fee structure need to be recorded here.
  • Quality Assurance. Your knowledge of what good quality childcare is.
  • Monitoring and evaluation. What you will monitor and evaluate.
  • Equality. How you'll make sure your setting is accessible, non-discriminatory and meets the needs of everyone.
  • Administration and equipment. What equipment, tools and materials you'll need to start up and keep going.
  • Transport. Vehicle requirements and their costs.
  • Promotion. How you will spread the word and advertise.
  • Registration. The registration requirements including premises, and the costs of these.
  • Costs and cash flow forecasts. Cost breakdowns of all of the areas including buildings, fixtures and fittings, insurances, recruitment, equipment.
  • Skills audit. The number of staff you require for each job role and the qualifications, experience and skills they'll need to have.
  • Staff operation. The hours staff will work and their pattern of working hours.
  • Financial control. How you'll make and receive payments.
  • The future. How you'll make sure that the setting will remain sustainable.

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