Penistone Neighbourhood Development Plan

Following the successful referendum on 11 July 2019, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council resolved to make the Penistone Neighbourhood Development Plan on 27 August 2019. It now forms part of the statutory development plan for Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council.

Find out more about the Penistone decision statement and the Penistone Neighbourhood Development Plan. Paper copies of these can also be viewed at Penistone Library and Library @ the Lightbox.

Penistone Town Council submitted the Penistone Neighbourhood Development Plan proposal to Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council for independent examination. The consultation on the submitted plan ended on Friday 9 November 2018 at 5pm. The plan was submitted for examination to an independent examiner.

The examiner had requested further comments or information from the Town Council and Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council; you can take a look at the examiner's letter. Responses from the Town Council and Barnsley Council were sent to the examiner; you can take a look at the responses.

A number of email exchanges between the examiner and the Town Council were material to the examination; these exchanges may be viewed here.

The examiner requested additional comments from the Town Council; you can take a look at the examiner’s letter.

Penistone Town Council submitted maps of the proposed non-designated heritage assets to aid the examiners consideration; you can take a look at the maps

The examiner completed their examination; read the examiner's report. They recommended that with modifications the plan meets the basic conditions and other legal requirements.

The council made a decision to accept the modifications and to submit the plan to referendum which was help on 11 July 2019. You can read the decision statement here

Penistone Town Council prepared a referendum version of the Penistone Neighbourhood Plan incorporating the examiner's recommendations. 

The representations submitted in response to the consultation can be found here. The relevant documents submitted may still be viewed online.

Penistone Neighbourhood Development Plan

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