Fly tipping

It is illegal to dump unwanted items on any street or open area. This is known as fly tipping.

Report fly tipping

Fly Tipping In The Countryside

Fly tipping can include things like:

  • washers and other electrical items
  • beds, chairs and other furniture
  • everyday rubbish that you would normally put in your grey wheelie bin

Seen some fly tipping?

You can ask us to remove it by filling in our 'Report fly tipping' form.

If the fly tipping is found on private land we can’t do anything about it as it’s up to the owner of that land to remove it. If we find out the fly tipping isn't on private land then we’ll look through it to find evidence of who's dumped it. We then pass this information onto our Enforcement Team for prosecution.

If you know who did it, it would be great if you could also either email us at or give us a call on 01226 772468. We'll investigate and anyone found guilty of fly tipping will be prosecuted.

We’ll try to remove the fly tipping in 3 working days of receiving your report.  If the fly tipping includes hazardous waste, like asbestos or chemical waste, then we'll pass all details onto a specialist contractor and ask them to remove it.

Do you have large items you need to get rid of?

Please don't dump them, look after your environment by disposing of them in the right way and arrange a special collection.

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