Flooding advice and prevention

Flooding can happen at any time of year so it's important that you're always prepared.

Flood prevention for developers

Developers should consider the flood risk implication of any new development before submitting a planning application for a new site.

You should consult the Local Plan to identify suitable areas for new developments and consider the use of sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) to manage surface water run-off from new development sites.

Areas at risk of flooding 

You can check which areas have been flooded before and those at risk of flooding in the future in the following preliminary flood risk assessments (PFRAs):

You can also check the government's 'floods destroy campaign' website for more information.

Local Flood Risk Management Strategy

As the lead local flood authority for the borough, we have a duty, under the Flood and Water Management Act (2010), to produce a Local Flood Risk Management Strategy to reduce flood risk from surface water, ordinary watercourses, groundwater and small reservoirs.

The strategy and appendices are included below.